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Kullings Kalvdans or beestings pudding is made from the colostrum of cows. The colostrum is extremely nutritious and contains the components of the calf´s immune system. When the calf has had its needs satisfied the rest of the colostrum can be used to make beestings pudding. The cow gives colostrum up to three milkings after delivering the calf.Only the best colostrum can be used.  Beestings Pudding is a traditional and legendary Swedish rustic dessert which for many Swede brings to mind small-scale agriculture and country life .The manufacturing of beestings pudding require”skills of the hand”. The thickness of the colostrum varies and greatly influences the product and the consistency of the beestings pudding depends on how it is mixed.The colostrum is seasoned and baked in the owen. The seasoning may vary, however vanilla, cinnamon or cardamom is common. When it is baked with some sorbic accid it has a duration of three weeks from the baking day stored at maximum + 8 C, without sorbic accid the duration is seven days.


Kullings Kalvdans is a small recently established business producing beestings pudding  in the region of Västergötland in the west of Sweden, with the aim of promoting the healthy and delicious kalvdans.Kullings Kalvdans sources its colostrum from 25 dairy farms with a total of 2200 cows. They supply colostrum so rich in protein that it sets when baked without the need for any additives. The beestings pudding is best eaten warm with preserves. Beestings Pudding has becomed a delicious exclusive dessert at gourmet restaurants, elderly livings and hospitals.  Beestings pudding is included in the prestigious SlowFood”Ark of Taste” since 2008.


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